On Mission

Business trip is not about miles. It's about goals, time and money. Our app saves them all.


According to recent studies, travel/transportation remains one of largest business expenses. Managers, responsible for the operation use excessive number of information channels and obsolete apps – an appalling scope of challenges for any company or business.

On Mission app offers a unique software solution for managers and travelers to optimize trip planning, coordination, and communication. A merger between virtual database with essential features and maximum automation of the whole process.

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How It Works

Change the way you book

Say farewell to the most time-consuming operations: On Mission presents a UX-advanced environment to facilitate all in-app bookings into a simple timeline. App allows you to plan and coordinate everything: from Uber expenses to accommodation after transatlantic flights.

Every trip starts from a goal

Create and edit to-do-lists, alone or with the help from your trip manager. We optimized your trip plan into a convenient mobile interface with access to the essential set of features. Stay on track with your mission and in touch with your office.

Money makes the trip go round

Access full financial information over the trip with a couple of clicks – coordinate transactions in a secured accountant-menu. Whether employee pays with card, cash or e-money – it’s not about control, it’s about support.


Easy to Use

Convenient both for trip manager and travelling employee due to advanced UX design.


Cut your expenses. Save time. Access all the essential data with a single app.


Adjustable for requirements of any enterprise as well as personal needs by private users.

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